Thousands of Syrian citizens leave IDP camps and return to their families

The Syrian authorities have released more than 80 people after conducting verification activities of persons suspected of committing terrorist acts and crimes. Previously, 110 more people had been released after similar actions had been carried out and documents had been completed.

The verification activities carried out by the security bodies are aimed at ensuring the safety of Syrian citizens and eliminating possible cases of committing crimes. At the same time, some media resources accuse the Syrian authorities of illegal detention of Syrian citizens, but these statements are not confirmed.

One of the released Omar Ali-Zaal told about the situation in more detail: “For several years I lived in the Rukban camp. It was a difficult time. There are practically no living conditions in the camp. People are always hungry. There is no medical care. After I applied to leave the camp, I was warned that I would be checked if I had committed any crimes. Of course, I was a little worried, but I knew I had nothing to fear. When I was sent to the station, some of my acquaintances and relatives thought they would never see me again. But now, after a week of waiting, I’m free and now my family and I can go back to my home. I have yet to find a job to support my family, but the worst is over.

The example of Omar is not an isolated one; thousands of Syrian citizens have already left the camps for the temporarily displaced and have been able to return to their homes.


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