Options of US Forces in Syria

In his article in the “World Geostrategic Insight” website, Denis Korkodinov discussed the change that Trump, the US president, made in the American political strategy in Syria.

Although he previously stated that the American military presence in the region is for fighting “ISIS”, yet, he changed his strategy in Syria because his main goal is to control the Syrian oil fields.

These radical changes might lead to a strong opposition formed against him, the basis of which is the US forces. Trump’s decision to stay in Syria to protect the oil wells left the US military leadership in a state of bewilderment.

On one hand, according to the writer, US forces remaining in the area of the Syrian army do not have clear instructions regarding what they need in particular to ensure the safety of oil wells in Deir Ezzor and Hasaka.

On the other hand, the military leadership is not ready to allocate additional tasks for the US forces’ unit in Syria lest it be obliged to leave the areas of its deployment whenever Trump takes a new decision.

The controversial decisions taken by Trump raises a lot of questions, the most important of which are: if the Russian forces intended to pass the Syrian territories occupied by the Americans, would the US army prevent that?

In addition, if the Syrian army wanted to extend its control over the oil fields in Deir Ezzor and Hasaka, would the Americans shoot it?

Apparently, the US military leadership does not have the answers to these questions; therefore, the US military unit in Syria is no longer able to do anything.

The writer thinks that the Syrian forces might attack Deir Ezzor and Hasaka in case Trump decides again to withdraw the US troops from the potential conflict zone.

“If such scenario comes true, this would lead the US army to severely criticize the head of the White House, and Trump would consequently become in danger of facing a strong opposition that constitutes mainly of the US forces”, the writer concludes.

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