Astronaut Muhammad Faris committed suicide by falling from deadly height … and the rise of the new Syrian astronaut from Golan

( By : Naram Sargon )

There is no doubt that you have heard of the living dead and the zombies. And if the martyrs are the living dead, then zombies are perfectly  represented by  traitors and  cowards.

who live as mummified bodies hollowed  from the inside .. and (Muhammad Faris) is the biggest example of the man who turned into an empty mummy that wears a suit of space .. The man died morally …

Rather, he committed suicide in a very special way in which he did not have to swallow poison as the kings and Caesars do in order not to be insulted … He did not shoot himself in the head.

When I read the title of the novel of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi (the village, the village, the earth, and the astronaut’s suicide) ..

It was not in my mind that I would see the novel in a documentary film where the former Syrian astronaut (Muhammad Faris) ended his life as cheaply as any suicide …

of course the man called (Muhammad Faris) did not commit suicide and did not even have the courage of a defeated samurai fighter who lays the handle of his sword on the ground and throw himself on its sharp head to stab his heart directly ..

But (Muhammad Faris) chose a strange way to commit suicide … He decided to skin himself by applying  for Turkish citizenship …

and this is death by falling from a deadly height  in relation to a man who was once  in space and fell from space to earth..

The truth is that (Muhammad Faris) did well and helped us a lot to get rid of him and the burden of his affiliation with the Syrian people ..

We wish the Turkish people to honor him and return him to space on a mission to Mars or farther .. As Syria gets rid of that bad sample …

a true phoenix rises from southern Syria that flares up and flies into space with its wings … Israel tries to extinguish him and drown him in the water of the Sea of Galilee and submerges him in the Dead Sea.

But the rebellion spreads his two wings, as fiery as Gabriel spreads them over the horizon, while communicating the messages of heaven ..

This imprisoned winged space bird in Israel is called (Sidqi Al-Muqt) .. a great Syrian hero .. high as the Golan ..  the astronaut produced by Syria and whom Syria is so proud of ..

Imagine that a Syrian prisoner named (Sidky Al-Muqt) rejects all passports in the world given to him by Netanyahu and is not tempted by freedom ..

he laughs at the slogans of democracy and freedom sold by neo-conservatives and Arab opponents that the Islamists bought from the ocean to the Gulf ..

His mother’s grave in the Golan is worth all continent of America and all the planets  for him.. Oh God .. O how strong you are my dear (Sadqi Al-Muqt) you defeated all the prisoners of history ..

even Nelson Mandela became a young illiterate student who learns from you and we are now aware of the philosophy of Abi Firas Al-Hamdani when he said the prisoner laughs and the  free man cries …

This is what we see with our own eyes … a bird that lives on the top of Golan, a captive called (Sidqi Al-Muqt) laughing at the jailers and the cheap limited freedom …

We see on the other hand  sad space bird  crying while he is free (his name is Muhammad Faris) because his soul is defeated and broken .. Because not everyone who has two wings can fly freely ..

Muhammad Faris possessed wings but he did not know how to use them and he turned from a bird into a rooster on a Turkish trash screaming and not able to use his wings to fly…

the only true statement that can describe Faris is what (Friedrich Nietzsche) said in the will of his prophet (Zaradasht) : (Whoever you cannot teach to fly; at least teach him how to fall quickly).

But we will add to the will of (Nietzsche) the lesson learned from  “Sidky Al-Muqt” : “if you can’t  learn how to fly; at least  teach yourselves how to fall quickly.”

If the winged prisoner Sidqi gave us a lesson in the art of flying, then Muhammad Fares saved us the trouble of teaching him  the art of rapid fall …

because he suicided and fell in a muddy rancid Turkish well

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