Daily Archives: Thursday December 19th, 2019

Distribution of Russian humanitarian aid in the villages of Quneitra

On 18 December, in the village of Hamidiyah in Quneitra province, servicemen of the Russian armed forces held another humanitarian action. The event was joined by the Akhmad Kadyrov Public Foundation named after the Hero of Russia. Local residents were given food packages with flour, sugar, rice, condensed milk and tea, and schoolchildren were given backpacks for books and notebooks, ...

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More evidences on its crimes in Syria, “White Helmets” involved in organ trafficking

Moscow, SANA_ A new evidence added to the criminal file of the “White Helmets” terror group in Syria which proves its involvement in human organ trafficking while it had been claiming helping civilians and providing medical assistance to them. A new study by Maxim Grigoriev, the Director of the Russian Foundation for the Study of Democracy, has provided new evidence ...

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