Daily Archives: Saturday December 21st, 2019

Valuable efforts exerted by the Syrian authorities to make the Syrians return to their homeland and relieve them from the US exploitation

Syrians are increasingly interested in returning to their homeland. Many of those who fled the country during the war or were forced to move to refugee camps are now able to return to their homes and families. However, the issue of social and community services is acute. The Syrian authorities are paying particular attention to the reconstruction of social facilities ...

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The US and International community are held responsible for the fate of Al Rukban camp’s refugees and their salvation from agony

Camp Rukban, which hosts tens of thousands of refugees, is located in an area controlled by the United States around its military base at Et Tanfa. The residents of Camp Rukban live in uninhabitable conditions, with no medical care, an acute shortage of food and water, as well as violence from militants running the camp, they have to wait for ...

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