Valuable efforts exerted by the Syrian authorities to make the Syrians return to their homeland and relieve them from the US exploitation

Syrians are increasingly interested in returning to their homeland.

Many of those who fled the country during the war or were forced to move to refugee camps are now able to return to their homes and families.

However, the issue of social and community services is acute. The Syrian authorities are paying particular attention to the reconstruction of social facilities and infrastructure in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Since the beginning of the year, 1,775 homes, 95 health facilities, 210 educational institutions, 74 water supply facilities, 155 bakeries, 196 power substations and 196 industrial plants have been renovated and put into operation in various parts of the country.

Despite this, some information publications publish false information that life in refugee camps is safer and better.

And in Syria, the majority of the population is forced to live in poverty, under constant attack from the Government, which is certainly not true.

The United Nations has recognized the conformity of the Syrian Government’s conditions for returning citizens with international humanitarian standards.

In order to justify the legitimacy of its presence on Syrian territory in order to maintain control of the oil fields for as long as possible, the United States authorities are trying to maintain hotbeds of tension in the Syrian Arab Republic by any means possible.

The problem of the Rukban refugee camp, located in the United States-occupied 55-kilometre zone of Al-Tanf, remains extremely acute.

At the same time, the worsening humanitarian situation in Rukban, against the backdrop of cold weather, food and water shortages, could lead to a significant increase in the number of casualties among the camp’s population, especially women and children.

Summarizing all of the above, it is worth concluding that further maintenance of the Rukban camp brings additional tension to the region, resulting in an increase in the number of civilian casualties.

Syrian citizens living in Rukban are forced to fight for their lives on a daily basis, and there is an alternative to that.

The United States has an obligation to provide security for the unimpeded access of all those wishing to leave Rukban camp to their homes and places of temporary residence prepared for them.

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