Syrian and Russian efforts to liberate the Idlib population from armed terrorists and their blessings

The Syrian opposition is working purposefully to distort the reality in the war zone.

Social networking sites and messengers have repeatedly reported civilian deaths from airstrikes by Government forces and Russian aircraft in the province of Idlib.

This information is untrue and is published only to discredit the actions of official authorities and their decisions to suppress terrorists.

Attempts to misinform the population are illustrated by the fact that civilian casualty figures come mostly from the Syrian Civil Defence organization (White Helmets), closely affiliated to the coalition and known for its chemical weapons fakes in Duma.

In fact, Russian and Syrian planes are carrying out exclusively targeted and precision – guided strikes against terrorist positions, with the total exclusion of civilian casualties.

At the moment, thanks to the coordinated actions of the Russian and Syrian sides, dozens of settlements in the province of Idlib, long held by terrorists, have come under the control of government forces.

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