Our Army on our Jazeera!

When our Syrian Arab Army crossed into our Syrian Jazeera , it entered it from several places, including the city of AL-Tabqa, where it crossed over the dam body.

No matter how the writers try to describe the feelings of the people of Al-Jazeera receiving their army for the first time in eight years, they will not be able to give the description its right.

The people were either astounded, or crying, sitting on the ground, their voice is hardly heard with expressions suffocated by letters, and others running in front of and behind the military vehicles and others running into their homes taking out the flags of their homeland and the pictures of President Bashar al-Assad.

There was also a group dancing Dabke, each one of them was holding  a flag in his hand or on his head. Welcoming  the army and thanking God is a common denominator among all.

They were throwing their rice and the flowers in their hands on the soldiers and vehicles. . There was an unparalleled joy and chilling scenery; women trilling everywhere and children running in all directions like stray horses.

Sacrifices, carried on trays, were offered to the advanced vanguard. Something unbelievable; others were carrying water.

At the other end, a barely walking elderly woman in front of the tanks carrier  simply saying to the soldier standing next to the carrier : (Son, stretch your foot I want to kiss your boots).

The soldier was surprised and answered, God’s forgiveness mother, and ran to her and kissed her head. She said to him: “I made a vow to kiss the boots of the first soldier who enters Al-Jazeera  or put myself under the tank and die.

A vow is a vow, my son”. The soldier was surprised and took her hand and lifted her to the tank, saying: “O mom, fulfill your vow and lie on in front of the tank, it is impossible to let you kiss my boots”, and the elderly woman laid down trilling.

Then he held her hand and raised it!!

That is how our army entered our Al-Jazeera .

  • By : Dr. Ali Al-Shoaibi – Damascus.

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