How I set my goal in life

The importance of setting goals and knowledge lies in controlling oneself, and exercising it so that it is able to achieve the impossible, as well as increasing self-confidence and self-esteem and creating a sense of appreciation through full faith in the abilities it possesses , and this motivates the self to accomplish and organize priorities and thus manage time in a good way away from wasting it.

It may be a continuous goal that remains with the person throughout his life such as planning for the future, or it may be an end goal that ends with achieving and obtaining it such as quitting smoking and weight loss.

Principles of goals setting:

• Focus on the desire and will from the inside and know what one wants accurately and clearly.

• Ensure that the goal is realistic and achievable and not a fabric of imagination.

• Writing and writing down goals makes them a reality because the subconscious mind is more attentive to the written goal.

• Strong determination, commitment and sincerity.

• Stay away from fear and overcome it, and do not worry about failure.

• Stay away from procrastination as it is the enemy of excellence and success.

How to set goals: Goal setting is an important part of the system of success and its conditions, and one can do this by asking direct questions to the self and looking for answers to them thereafter as a starting point for him to start the process of planning, including: Is my relationship with those around me good? Do I do my duties towards my mom and dad? Have I recently taken time off to entertain myself and take a break? Am I comfortable with my current job and happy to be there? Do I have a plan to upgrade my position within my career ladder?

Is my relationship with the boss and colleagues good? Do I have good health?

Do I have health problems that require constant medical follow-up?

How can I remove myself from the stresses that cause my body fatigue?

By answering questions, an individual can develop steps that he or she takes to plan for each aspect and must know that the process of setting goals is constantly renewed over time and the requirements of the individual.

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