Daily Archives: Tuesday December 24th, 2019

Russian aid for the people of Umm Batna village in Kenitra

December 22, in the village of Umm Batna in the province of Quneitra, servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces held another humanitarian action. The event was joined by the public fund named after Hero of Russia Ahmat Kadyrov. Local residents were given food packages with flour, sugar, rice, condensed milk and tea, and schoolchildren were presented with backpacks for books ...

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Revelations of the OPCW scandal still unfolding

The Noble Prize winner  OPCW is accused of tampering the scientific evidence provided by its own inspectors in order to retrospectively justify a de facto unprovoked act of war waged by the  US, Britain and France against Syria. This is huge, because this supposedly impartial UN body, should act with integrity and on the basis of scientific evidence. However, the ...

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Remarkable Achievement by Scientists May Become a “Secret Weapon” against Cancer

Scientists have achieved a very important medical breakthrough using non-toxic silicon nanocrystals to generate high-energy rays that can create the next generation of high-tech cancer treatments. Scientists at the University of California (Riverside) and the University of Texas in Austin believe that they have discovered the “Holy Grail” of material sciences, which allows them to convert photons from low to ...

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