Daily Archives: Thursday December 26th, 2019

Russian aid for the people of Nawa village in Daraa

On 25 December, Russian Armed Forces soldiers held another humanitarian action in the village of Nawa, Dar’a province, Syrian Arab Republic. The public foundation named after Ahmat Kadyrov, Hero of Russia, joined the event. Food kits were distributed to local residents, and schoolchildren were presented with backpacks for books and notebooks, and on the eve of the New Year gifts ...

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Right Before Our Eyes ;Part (16) – Muslim Brotherhood as a member of the National Security Council at the White House

( By: Thierry Meyssan ) We continue to publish Terry Maysan’s book, “Before Our Eyes” (Sous nos yeux) in this episode, the author returns to the first semester of 2011, when the Muslim Brotherhood approached or accelerated with the support of the United States and the United Kingdom to reach power in both Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. Ben Ali (Tunisia), ...

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Break Your Branches and Fly High

Once upon a time two wonderful falcons were given to a king as a gift, so he gave them to the best falconer to train them. After a while, the falconer came to tell the king that one of the falcons was flying wonderfully and magnificently in the sky, while the other did not even leave the tree branch on ...

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