Break Your Branches and Fly High

Once upon a time two wonderful falcons were given to a king as a gift, so he gave them to the best falconer to train them.

After a while, the falconer came to tell the king that one of the falcons was flying wonderfully and magnificently in the sky, while the other did not even leave the tree branch on which it was standing.

Therefore, the king gathered the doctors from all over the country to take care of the falcon, but they could never urge it to fly.

Then, a thought came to the king’s mind; perhaps he had to resort to someone familiar with the nature of the rural life to figure out the aspects of the problem, so he immediately issued an order to bring him a peasant and he told him the problem of the falcon and that he did not leave the branch of the tree.

In the morning, the king was so pleased to see the falcon flaying over the gardens of the palace, so he asked the peasant: “How did you get it to fly?”

The peasant replied confidently: “It was so easy; I broke the branch on which it was standing!”

Many people do stand on a branch of fear, hesitation and unwillingness to change although they have a massive potential of skills, creativity and development.

Their familiarity with that branch, their fear of taking the initiative towards the better and failing to pursue raising their competencies and qualifications have all constrained them.

Each one of us has a branch that pulling him back and preventing him from creating and developing and he will not break free and fly into the skies unless he breaks it.

Break your branches and fly high and be sure that God will grant you success.


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