Campaign against the successes of the Syrian Arab Army.-Who and what’s behind it.

A wave of anti-government propaganda swept across Syria and some neighboring countries.

The Syrian opposition, with the support of its patrons, is actively opposing the promotion of government troops and allied forces in the Idlib zone.

The main theses of the slogans are the death of civilians in the liberated areas, destruction of social facilities and forced displacement of local residents from their homes.

Those familiar with the situation are well aware that there are no indiscriminate shootings or random air strikes.

Trained military specialists are working in the combat zone to target members of the gangs, while the Syrian Air Force, with the support of the Russian Air Force Command, conducts air strikes after the work of the aviators, which makes it possible to launch point blows at the militants’ strongholds in southern Idlib.

Such well-coordinated work on the ground and in the air makes it possible to exclude accidental death of civilians, destruction of social facilities and allows units to successfully perform tasks to liberate the territories seized by terrorists.

A number of countries with their own interests in the region are not interested in the end of hostilities and restoration of peaceful life in Syria, first of all the USA, which controls the illegal extraction and export of natural resources from the territory east of the Euphrates.

In early December, U.S. President Donald Trump openly said: “I need oil! Re-establishing legitimate power in the ATS will disrupt the business built up on illegal oil production, and therefore, the countries not interested in it through the opposition are ready to spread any misinformation to achieve their selfish goals.

Thus, the thesis of civilian deaths and the destruction of social facilities in the war zone is another twist of the facts used by the opposition to influence public opinion and rock the situation in the region, and the ongoing anti-government rallies are nothing but planned and funded actions against the successes of the current government in the fight against international terrorism.

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