Daily Archives: Wednesday January 8th, 2020

The President of the Russian Federation has arrived in Syria to meet with Bashar al-Assad

Vladimir Putin visited the headquarters of the Russian group of troops in Syria, where he met with UAR President Bashar al-Assad. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu flew to Syria with Putin. The Commander of the Russian forces in Syria reported to the two Presidents on the state of affairs in the Syrian Arab Republic. President Putin congratulated and blessed Russian troops ...

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A Newsweek journalist, who resigned over Douma chemical lie, tells few facts – ( Part II )

Telling his story, the British journalist Tareq Haddad, who resigned from Newsweek said: “I also refused to recycle the same sloppy language used, inadvertently or not, by a number of other publications. Al Qaeda and their affiliates had always been referred to as terrorists as far as I was aware – why the sudden change to “rebels” or “moderate rebels” ...

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