The Creative Syrian Eyad Zahran…Innovating Power Generating Hydrogen Cell

After a long journey of ongoing research, the Syrian inventor “Eyad Zahran” achieved an important breakthrough in his last innovation in the alternative energy.

 He invented a system that generates the power, which depends on the pure hydrogen from water, to make the hydrogen cell as a final solution to the fossil-fuel crisis.

He said: “Out of our urgent need to the power generating-fuel in our daily life in general and out of the economic war that was wagged on the Syrian people and tried to weaken its resistance, I tried to search for an alternative to the fossil energy.

I focused my work on generating an alternative energy from a renewable one and found that the hydrogen power generated by water is the best and most effective solution to get out of the economic crisis. However, there was a problem in generating this kind of fuel, which is the inability to store and compress it because we have the oxygen that gets this gas to explode in case there is any heat or spark no matter how slight and feeble it is.

Thus, I searched for an effective way to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen completely because it is the only way to eliminate any risk and allow the storage process which is done by compressing the hydrogen. I formed and invented the clean hydrogen cell in its present design that combines the main tank of water with the separating cell that generates the hydrogen and oxygen in two separated exits with (99.9) purity for each gas. Consequently, hydrogen storage and compressing processes became 100% safe.

As for the various advantages of the invention, the main advantage of this system is that it is environmentally friendly; there are no carbon emissions resulting from the combustion of hydrogen but it rather lets off water vapor Add to this, it is safe and you no longer need to store fuel in large quantities and high prices; you only need to store your consumption for three days as this system generates hydrogen fuel every day. About his autobiography before he reached this stage, he said:

“I was born in Damascus in 1974 and I studied in its schools. My hobby was repairing the electronic tools, but since childhood, I have always liked innovation and solving the challenging problems in any field. After I finished the secondary school, my marks did not qualify me to go the university, so I studied Advertising Design on my own cost in Beirut in 1993. Then, I returned to Damascus and took in advertising industry as a job. During my work in this creative career, I was searching for an alternative energy that combinesboth being renewable and free. When my homeland entered into this long crisis, my work in advertising stopped and I began my journey in deep searching and experimenting in releasing this energy and showing it to the public.

Moreover, the important thing is that it is totally free, environmentally friendly power and no one can stop, control or prevent its primary materials.

It is like the sun that shines on everyone and no enemy can prevent its rays from falling out.

This power that the West knew and used it is viable in our lands naturally. All we have to do is to support it and put it into work in order to provide a free, clean and renewable power. This creative work of “Eyad Zahran” on the regional level saves a lot of money, time and effort and ensures the independence of the decision of the Syrian people. Whatever the pressures and crises were, the power, just like water, is life.

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