The Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Belligerent Parties opens three checkpoints from the Idlib Zone

Russia and Turkey have reached an agreement that from 00:01 a.m. on 11 January, will be announced a truce to stop air and ground attacks and to help normalize life in the area of Idlib province.

In addition, in order to ensure the unhindered exit of civilians from the de-escalation zone, three checkpoints – Abu ad Duhur, Habit and Hader will be operational as of 12:13 January. This was reported by representatives of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation and Monitoring of Refugee Movements in Syria.

Volunteers of the humanitarian organization of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, representatives of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation, as well as Syrian and Russian doctors will be on duty at these checkpoints in order to provide qualified medical care and humanitarian support to all those in need.

Security at checkpoints will be provided by members of the Russian military police.



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