Syria a bridge of civilizations and world cultures

The Czech website “Oko” confirmed that Syria has always formed a bridge between world civilizations and cultures, with its historical and ancient heritage.

The website clarified in a report that Syrian lands were a bridge between the Mediterranean basin and Mesopotamia countries, indicating that many big cities and commercial centers such as Mari and Palmyra were established in these rich and culturally advanced regions.

The website confirmed that the traces of the ancient history of mankind in Syria can be recognized now in every step, indicating that written documents about the communication that existed between Egypt and the Aegean Sea region were found in Ugarit, one of the oldest world trade centers. Moreover, the site noted the importance and beauty of the city of Palmyra whose many of its monuments were preserved despite the passage of about 2000 years, which made it an increasing attraction for tourists and visitors.

The Czech website confirmed also that the different discoveries made by scientists and researchers from several countries in the world proved by evidence that Syria was for a long historical era, a culturally prosperous region, indicating that the Syrian musical traditions, for example, are very deep.

Furthermore, the website clarified that people in Syria have composed music for thousands of years, which was confirmed by the discovery of 1950 in Ugarit of 29 tablets dating back to more than 3400 years.

It was found on some of them the first musical note in human history, and twenty years later, it was recognized that the songs on it were dedicated for various social events. The website pointed to the discovery of other clay tablets at Mari City, where records for musical instruments producers where found on them i.e. records of materials the artists needed to produce such instruments, such as leather, gold and silver; thus, researchers could have a clear perception of the musical instruments used in that era.




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