My Homeland, May Your Glory Long Last

Oh honest Syrians may God protect you from all illnesses, for you are the envy of all those around you for the invaluable services offered by your rational government.

People may not believe that these services are available in our homeland, but they are anyways.

A wise leadership issues and follows up decisions regarding the various sectors that serve the ancient Syrian people.

It is not necessary to go under an open heart surgery to see and test the greatness of the cardiac treatment in my homeland, despite the fact that I was a quadruple bypass patient which led me to have an open heart surgery.

However, I was attentive to all classes of hospital staff from senior doctors to senior medical service logistics staff. Actually I was amazed by what I saw around me and thanked God for the great care offered by the government to ill hearts with incomparable prices, and unparalleled proceedings.

It is my Syrian Arab homeland. Come and visit it, enjoy yourselves even just for few days, and be guests in my homeland because my country’s guests are always well respected and well hosted.

One may not believe that the Arab sun that was shining on the world, about which many of the western geniuses wrote about, is still shining on this same world despite all the conspiracies that were aimed at eradicating Syria completely and fragmenting it.

Today, it stands in the height of its power after eight years of unjust war saying to the whole world ‘I am here …

I am here, I won the on the battlefield, and I will win the unjust economic war on my homeland! I’m here …

I was born to survive, live and take care of this great Syrian people who triumphed over tyranny, oppression, Erdogan and all of religious delusions the Americans and Europeans have set claiming to be an Islamic faith.

Yes, the people have won and soon reconstruction will start and expend to everywhere. The world will see the new Syria with its finest greatness, not only in the field of medicine, economy and military power, but in every field.

By : (Dr. Ali al- Shoaibi) – Damascus, the Heart Healing City

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