Russian soldiers continue to provide assistance to the Syrian population

On January 15, in the village of Jaba in the province of Quneitra, servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces held another humanitarian action.

The event was joined by the public foundation named after Hero of Russia Ahmat Kadyrov.

Food kits were distributed to local residents, and schoolchildren were given school supplies.

In parallel with food, those in need were able to receive qualified medical care from Russian military doctors.

A teenager, Qusay Dahu, was among those who applied for medical assistance.

About 2 years ago, during the active fighting in the province, a metal shrapnel hit a child’s leg.

Local doctors provided care at the time, but throughout the entire time the teenager was experiencing periodic pain at the site of his wound.

During the examination, it was determined that the metal from the child’s leg had not been completely removed.

This is what caused the pain the whole time.

After the surgery, the shrapnel was removed. Despite the stress, the young man found strength to smile and thanked the doctors for their help.

Security and law and order during the humanitarian action were ensured by a unit of the Russian military police, which have great authority among the residents of the region.

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