Our Life is Made by our Thoughts

I couldn’t find my axe. After a while I thought it must have been that the neighbor’s son stole it.

So, I began to take note of the child’s expressions, words and actions and thought they were all those of a thief.

I stayed up all night long, sad and tired of thinking about what happened to me with my neighbor’s son.

Unexpectedly, while I was turning up the earth, I found the axe!

When I took another look the next day at the behavior, words and actions of my neighbor’s son, he didn’t seem at all like a person who would steal anything.

Last night, I was the worst thief when I accused my neighbor’s son of stealing!I stole his honesty and innocence !!.

When I stayed up all night sad and sleepless, I stole a day of my life!!

In many times, our feelings, doubts, and suspicions govern us, so we made misjudgments and offend people around us.

Bad thinking might make you imagine what is not there!!

And good thinking may make you ignore what is certain!!

* Our life is made by our thoughts *

(Peace upon those hearts who think good of others)

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