Two new schools opened in Daraa

The Directorate of Education in Dara’a Province has commissioned two new schools following the completion of restoration and rehabilitation work.

As a result of terrorist actions, educational institutions were severely damaged: walls were destroyed, windows were broken, desks were burned and textbooks were destroyed.

A great deal of work has been done to restore them. The cost of this project is estimated at 134 million Syrian pounds.

The head of the planning division of the Department of Education in Dar’a-Nayef Al-Shara province reported that the Department of Education is rehabilitating and maintaining educational facilities in accordance with the annual plan, resulting in the reopening of dozens of schools.

A total of 11 schools were opened by the Dar’a Provincial Education Authority at the beginning of the school year after rehabilitation work had been completed in the localities of Biyah, Saida, Al-Harak, Namur and others.

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