What happened at Ain al – Asad air base ?

By : ( Dr. Khalid Aboud )

After Mr. Nasrallah’s speech, the American administration realized that the goal of any Iranian retaliation would be to inflict the largest number of American soldiers, which prompted the American leadership to give instructions to its forces at their locations, inside and outside Iraq.

These instructions require that American soldiers disappear from their combat positions, In order to prevent the Iranians from reaching their goals ..

The American soldiers complied with the instructions of the American military command, especially since the American intelligence had an absolute conviction that the response would be missile, and therefore the total disguise of the American soldiers is the best way to drop Iranian targets.

The American forces carried out complete disappearances, and this explains why they did not carry out any missile objections, in the face of the missile of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards on the bases of “Ain al-Assad” and “Erbil”.

The base of “Ain al-Assad” alone was showered with more than (12) tons of highly explosive materials, which is sufficient to write off the largest military base in the region, especially if the conditions for this amount to reach its objectives are safely secured, and this is exactly what happened.

Within a few minutes, “Ain al-Assad” base was completely out of service, and many of its main centers became an example confirming that the base was unable to deal with the offensive targets, and did not move a finger in their face ..

The American base, the crown of the American presence in the region, was left to be destroyed by the Revolutionary Guard missiles, but the strategy of the disappearance of the soldiers and the leaders of the base prevented the largest number of deaths and injuries.

After the American forces realized that the Iranian leadership had been satisfied in principle with this response, the American helicopters carried out evacuations of the dead and wounded, with a large blackout on that ..

It was monitored the transfer of numbers of dead and wounded to three sites, in Baghdad, Jordan and occupied Palestine, all of which are military sites that the media cannot reach, to know the number of casualties, which prompted the American leadership to say that there were no victims ..

The Iranian leadership succeeded in an overwhelming and historic response, which no one had preceded in deterring the United States, but the American leadership succeeded in obscuring what happened in “Ain al-Assad”, in terms of the victims that fell, which was what they were working on ..

ut the US administration understood very well that its success in obscuring its victims is not an achievement in the strategic sense, especially as it is convinced that the Iranian leadership is able, within a few hours, to burn half of the US bases at the region level, compared to what was done in “Ain al-Assad” !!!

This is a new stage in the development of the rules of engagement, and this new level of these rules will be the baseline , on which the United States will build on, and the Islamic Republic and its successors will also build on it, a level that will redraw maps of the distribution of forces, and dedicate the ruling equation to the stability of  west Asia region!!!..

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