Russian military personnel continue to provide humanitarian assistance to residents of southern provinces of the Syrian Arab Republic

The sun’s rays broke through the light clouds covering the sky.

A convoy of cars with Russian soldiers was moving along the highway, hurrying to deliver humanitarian aid to the residents of the Syrian village of Al Shakra in the province of Dar’a.

The residents of Al Shakra  met the convoy of Russian soldiers warmly and cordially.

Representatives of the public foundation named after the hero of Russia Akhmat Kadyrov also took part in the action.

The humanitarian action was held on the territory of a secondary school, so even schoolchildren of this settlement went out to meet the Russian Center for Reconciliation and representatives of the Akhmat Kadyrov Foundation.

Needy residents of the settlement were given food kits, and schoolchildren were presented with backpacks for books and notebooks.

During the humanitarian action, security and law and order were provided by units of the Russian military police.

At the end of the humanitarian action, residents of Al Shakra expressed their gratitude to the Russian side for its assistance during their difficult time.

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