Sidqi Al Maqt Burns Trump’s Signature, The Golan is embodied in a Man

By : ( Naram Sargon )

Whenever the weak and the fifth column try to convince us that Israel cannot be defeated, one man from this nation emerges to prove by evidence that this theory is a failure.

Continuous efforts over years and decades and non-stopping building for a great illusion whose name is: Israel remains and is invincible.

Writings, analyzes, attitudes, books, destructive wars, invasions to Arab capitals, theories, and peace treaties all to entrench one fact, which is that Israel is invincible.

Then Hassan Nasrallah comes out and proves not only by evidence and proof, but also by missiles that Israel is weaker than the spider’s web, and he burns its pride and strips it of its military uniform that is inflated with arms, so that its weak muscles and trembling bones appear.

The world rises up to save Israel, so it creates the Arab Spring saying that the hope you were waiting for has vanished.

Look, the Arab world has been destroyed in an unprecedented way, and Israel has remained untouched. However, President Al Assad rises from under the ashes of the Arab world and destroys all the illusions which the spring built.

Trump signs Netanyahu’s blank ownership of The Golan and Jerusalem.

But after that, Sidqi Al Maqt comes out of prison after (32) years and rejects any concessions or conditions, he resembles a real phoenix indeed.

But his coming out of prison proudly while carrying his freedom that he has achieved himself is the scene that made Trump’s signature meaningless and ridiculous.

Netanyahu’s lackeys want to obtain The Golan with the signature of an American president, but it is not Trump who is there in The Golan, but it rather Sidqi Al Maqt, the true owner of The Golan who inherited it from his fathers and grandfathers and shall pass it to his children and grandchildren, as if he was saying:

(oh, Netanyahu, son of the spider, take Trump’s signature, soak it and drink its water, I am Sidqi Al Maqt here, my mother’s grave is here, and here I am… and so on)

I mean, I will remain who I am, and the Syrian Golan will remain the Syrian Golan.

If you do not like my words, that is the Atlantic Ocean, pave it and tile it from the Palestinian coast to New York coast; nothing will change because the spider’s web cannot close the craters of the volcanoes.

There is a huge difference between Trump’s signature and Sidqi Al-Maqt’s one, because the former is a signature in black ink, but the latter is a signature in the earth’s ink and blood.

The war now is between Trump’s signature and the signature of Sidqi Al-Maqt, the war is rather between Trump and Netanyahu on one hand and Sidqi Al-Maqt on the other, namely between the spider and its father and a volcano in a mountain.

Thanks to Sidqi Al-Maqt because he defeated Trump and Netanyahu within minutes.

Trump and Netanyahu with all their nuclear and Masonic teeth are defied by a free captive from The Golan who made Trump’s signature as an ignorant man’s scribble on the sand.

Thanks to Sidqi Al-Maqt for returning The Golan to us from Trump by his decision to withstand and with his legendary position, after we thought that the land is taken from us or restored only by decrees, congressional certificates, and peace treaties.

Land is not taken or given away, but rather remains for those who deserve the name of citizen.

Sidqi Al Maqt, a man from The Golan and all The Golan is embodied in this man.

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