Daily Archives: Wednesday January 22nd, 2020

The Family Farms Project in Dar’a province

The Dar’a Governorate of Agriculture has initiated a project to establish family plantations. The project is being implemented by providing seeds, fertilizers and drip irrigation equipment. Engineer Abd al-Fattah al-Rahal, director of the Dar’a Provincial Department of Agriculture, said 13 villages and about 1,500 citizens of the province were supported in 2019. He explained that family farms provide consumers with ...

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American philosopher Noam Chomsky: There has been an alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel since 1967

American philosopher Noam Chomsky explained that he “does not believe that the administration of US President Donald Trump wants to wage war on Iran” because its consequences are “unpredictable but may be devastating” . “Iran has sufficient missile capabilities to launch raids on the northeastern Saudi Arabia, which includes most of the oil stations and most of the desalination plants, ...

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