American philosopher Noam Chomsky: There has been an alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel since 1967

American philosopher Noam Chomsky explained that he “does not believe that the administration of US President Donald Trump wants to wage war on Iran” because its consequences are “unpredictable but may be devastating” .

“Iran has sufficient missile capabilities to launch raids on the northeastern Saudi Arabia, which includes most of the oil stations and most of the desalination plants, which will erase the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” Chomsky added in an interview conducted by Moroccan journalist (Saeed Salmi).

On Trump’s Middle East policy, Chomsky said: “It is very difficult to find a geopolitical program consistent with the chaos that Trump creates.

But there is one on the surface which is trying to build an alliance between the most reactionary countries in the Middle East and I mean the dictatorships of the Gulf, Egypt and Israel.”

Chomsky added: “There is a kind of implicit alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel since the year (1967), which is the year in which Israel provided a major service to the United States and Saudi Arabia together by destroying the foundations of Arab secular nationalism that was a fundamental foe of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and extremist Islam.”

  • Source: al-Mayadeen net



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