Evil Procession from Point of Departure to Destination

By : ( Dr. Ahmad Haj Ali )

We are not so imaginative or idiotic to believe the rootless announcements, statements, and declarations that are floating on the surface of the conflict and the incidents carrying it, and that nobody gives an ear to.

Rather, they were actually planned to run the death game on the bases drawn by death forces in this afflicted world, and this is how the American role and American political conduct manifest themselves.

Alongside with America, there are many malevolent regimes and extremist organizations that were trained to commit bloodshed, destroy national interests, loot public and private wealth, and violate the dignity of free women heartlessly and rudely.

The great scenery in the world has its forces which manipulate all evils and run all the battles everywhere and at every time in this contemporary human existence. Evil has its own tools, culture, and great experience in fighting peoples’ will and spreading death and consumer culture in this world.

The classical colonial story is still expanding and recruiting new elements at the expense of tormented people around the world  with the aid of the nations that surrendered from the very beginning to obedience and submission, as there are plenty of planted regimes, especially in the Arab world, which are sufficient in terms of quantity and tasks to serve the enemy, change facts, and falsify events, supported in doing all that by “pouring rivers of money” from oil countries and by promises of external protection to those who used to enslave people.

Depending on this great experience coming from the evil colonial West over centuries, and at the heart of all that, Zionist movement is still expanding and penetrating all the cracks and gaps of the Arab grieving and confined body.

In this regard, there are pretexts and cultures that use the aggressors’ will as the source of every aggression and the origin of every sinister intention especially in the framework of democratic claims and poisons of political Islamism through which, and on basis of which, the terrorist organizations were fortified from the inside, the remote outside and across its borders of the Arab world.

Here lies the American role in all its classifications and stages which runs this poisonous project around the world and in the Arab world in particular, spreading its so-called creative chaos project which depends on disseminating discord, fighting, and upheavals at the very heart of the Arab mobs.

When this fighting starts, consumerist lifestyle prevails, and the countries and their peoples get into the whirlpool of death, the American, Zionist, and terrorist policy interferes to impose its physical and incorporeal existence on the human, place, historical facts, and life future.

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