French book reveals the secrets of the negotiations : Erekat to Barak : do not withdraw from Lebanon. Assad : ( I do not trust Netanyahu ) Part – (2)

The Syrian president begins presenting the reasons that led him to accept participation in the Madrid Peace Conference in (1991), and presents his vision of what happened at the ceasefire line before the year (1967), confirming that (98) percent of the incidents that occurred before that date were the result of Israeli harassment, and he said that Moshe Dayan, the former Israeli Prime Minister himself, had admitted that it was the Israelis who were causing this, so one of the members of the American delegation intervened to tell Assad that the delegation had meetings with Benjamin Netanyahu and that the latter wanted peace.

Once the American official finished his speech, Assad would return to review the details of the negotiations he had with “Yitzhak Rabin” and “Shimon Peres” .

He said: “When the Labor Party came to power in Israel, everything changed.

We started the discussion with the logic and climate of others, then with time we reached somehow result, and neither side imposed anything on the other, we reached an agreement that says to return the Syrian lands to Syria, until the point where Israel started its aggression against Syria, and when the two delegations separated, the Americans met to assure them that all of the Syrian land would return to Syria, and I remember that I asked the Americans to clarify two things: Is Israel intent on returning The entire Golan, so they answered me, yes, all of the Golan, and is Israel demanding a specific part of the Golan?

They answered “No”, and they told me that this is completely determined and it will be a deposit with the American President, and that we can now address other aspects of the peace process, and this issue (i.e. the Golan) covered between (80 and 85) percent of the process, and the rest is related to security arrangements.

Al-Assad continues, “Then, we decided on the framework within which the security arrangements negotiations should be included, and we spent between (4 and 5) months to reach an agreement (on the principles), because neither party was able to bid on the other, we all need security, this principle was put on the table and each side had a copy of it, then we discussed how to implement this on the ground : demilitarized areas, international presence, sectors with limited military presence, and the problem of warning and monitoring stations was the most difficult, and they (the Israelis) suggested to us to build a Syrian station on Israeli soil.

That issue has become a symbol, and I do not think we need a warning system.

In short, we did not go that far, but Israel also proposed the deployment of international forces on both sides of the border, so that it could monitor the deployment of forces on the ground by sending reconnaissance planes, so we answered that the Americans are able to send pictures via satellite or by plane and report to both parties, and we said The United States will not lie to Israel even if it does not support Benjamin Netanyahu, and things stopped at this point, and if there were no premature elections in Israel, we would have concluded the matter (the agreement) within eight months “.

The late Assad continues, according to the report conveyed by (Charles Enderlin) in his book issued by “Fayar” : “Netanyahu does not recognize the results of the negotiations, even though we conducted them with a legitimate Israeli government, and the Israelis say to us today, that we should to resume negotiations, and we tell them  that we are ready to resume it So let us  from where it stopped, but Netanyahu refuses and this means that we have to start again from scratch ”.

Here several members of the American delegation are trying to persuade Assad to start serious negotiations with Netanyahu and someone says :“ If you and the Israeli Prime Minister had met, you could have reached  an agreement”.

Assad: The negotiations will not start at the summit level, they should be opened at a lower level, as the failure of the summit will create a serious problem, then the other side does not want peace.

We have been opponents for nearly thirty or forty years, and we will wait. It is totally illogical to think that peace is capable of prosperity if it is not fair, and it is not logical to wait for one side to impose its opinion on the other side. (18) months ago, Netanyahu’s statements go in this context. We listen well to what he says, neither he trusts the United States nor does it trust him. “

Foreign Minister Farouq Al-Sharaa intervenes to say: “If he does not trust the United States and does not recognize the promises that the Americans have, how can we trust him?”

Daniel Abraham: “You say you have time, but we have no eternal life.”

Assad: In any case, you do not seem to be seventy-three years old.

Abraham: thanks to  Selimfast products, but I’m getting old.

Assad : I did not say that we are not in a hurry to reach peace, but if others are not in a hurry on that, we are also. We are not in a hurry. “

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