Meeting of the Russian side with residents of El Quneitra

On January 23, a meeting between the region’s military and political leadership and the public of the Province of Quneitra was held at the Cultural Centre of Quneitra.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the warring parties.

The meeting focused on the free movement of citizens within the province, the release of detainees who have regularized their status, the lifting of the ban on registration of real estate and vehicles, and the transfer of criminal cases against persons accused of war crimes from the field to the civil court to be defended by lawyers.

In addition, the restoration of social infrastructure in the province was discussed, as well as ways to further stabilize the province.

Since the transition of the area under the control of government forces, Governor Hammam Sadiq Dippiyat said, a lot of work has been done on citizen security and the rehabilitation of socially important infrastructure.

However, he noted that much work remains to be done and expressed hope for fruitful cooperation with the Russian side.

A representative of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Enemies noted a positive trend in the surrender of weapons by the local population, discussed with the audience a number of issues to be resolved in the future and confirmed the intentions of the Russian Federation to continue cooperation between the security agencies of the two countries to normalize peaceful life and ensure law and order in the region.

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