Israel is planting a new Cohen in Syria … Cohen murmuring in the minds of people via Facebook

Perhaps some do not realize how much the West and Israel are working hysterically to destroy countries and societies in the Arab region ..

It does not occur to many people how much Israel and the West have worked to destroy national and personal convictions through its Arabic-speaking stations such as Al-Jazeera and Arabia in order to produce the Arab Spring and the Arab Islamic and Brotherhood revolutions. .

Although Israel’s weapon has been exposed, Israel does not lose hope ..

and it behaves as if people may be tempted to forget and are tired of blaming the conspiracy ..

many innocent accounts that raise patriotic slogans and resistance flags, cry and take over the state of the country ..

and invite people to revolution because of the economic conditions ..

innocent faces, innocent words and phrases that hurt and mourge..and play a hidden dirty game ..

and say what any Syrian patriot says (leave the president aside; we do not mean the president, but hunger threatens us) …

Disguising under fictitious names is no less deceptive than the eyewitness stage invented by Al-Jazeera .. where the eyewitness is usually in the room next to the studio or in a studio in Tel Aviv ..

Rather, this disguise is no less than the disgrace of the spy (Eli Cohen) in flogging ( Kamel Amin Thabit) who was assumingly a longing Syrian expatriate who has even entered the parties and participates in the official ceremonies of the Syrians and gives his opinion as a consultant …

until he found himself hanged in  Marjeh Square when the sheep’s scalp fell from his body and the scalp of the wolf and its claws appeared …

this disguise is no less than the denial of the second spy (Azmi Bishara), an Israeli Knesset member …

the spy who is still wandering in the Arab streets with his disguised clothes as an Arab thinker and Palestinian fighter ..

There are fictitious accounts that whispers to Syrians  to launch (the hunger revolution) .. But research and scrutiny reveals that its source is not Syria, but Israel and Germany, where Mossad activity is ..

There are many of these accounts that want the Syrians to enter with their legs into the trap set …

meaning the Arab Spring with its most evil wave… so that the Mossad blows up the solid coherent mass of the Syrian people … On this occasion, I can only thank the clown (Faisal Al-Qasim), who provided an explanation to me …

because as he gave his opinion in the economic situation … as he always do with every other subject and fill it with corruption, dirt, germs and pus.

This clown joined the masked spies and began dancing, beating on the head and drums of the dollar .. But Al-Qasim revealed the masked faces when he joined the choir and began writing and instigating as if he was “Jean-Jacques Rousseau”, who is seeking justice …

Because every call and group Al-Qasim echo would be nothing but an odd category .. However, his action – and without him knowing – was not different from the famous Arab dog that its owners have hidden with them in the cave until the invaders leave ..

But it barked so loud till it attracted the invaders before they leave and  they knew where the people were hiding ..

so they killed them and killed it .. That is, the barking of al-Qasim revealed to the Syrians the cave in which the Facebook spies and brothers (Ilya Cohen) had hidden and his comments made the enthusiasm people to believe these sites very cold ..

It would have been clever if he had been silent in order not to spoil the game that the  Mossad choir is playing  on Facebook..

Because any word that al-Qasim says and comes out of his mouth will be washed seven times by people …

like any pot licked by a small puppy ..

 By : ( Naram Sargon )

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