Rehabilitating infrastructure in the southern provinces

The Syrian Arab Republic is actively rehabilitating civilian infrastructure, including socially important facilities such as homes, water supply facilities and health care facilities.

In the past 24 hours, for example, a health centre has been rehabilitated in the village of Mamtanah in Quneitra province.

Another community in the province will now provide quality and professional health care.

At the same time, an assessment has been made of the state of infrastructure, social facilities and the availability of building materials and supplies in the township of Mascana in the province of Damascus.

In order to improve the living conditions of Syrian citizens and complete the reconstruction of the infrastructure, construction equipment, construction and finishing materials, as well as water pipes and an electrical cable for the reconstruction of a residential building and a water pumping station are needed.

Applications have been submitted by the head of the local authority to the Ministry of Public Works and Housing for construction materials to rebuild the facilities.

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