Facts from “A Storm on the Greater Middle East” Part – (1)

By : (Ihab M Althaher )     

Before I begin to review the most important things in the book (Storm on the Greater Middle East) by the French ambassador (Michel Rimbaud) and before listing the shocking information he provided in his book about the volume of conspiracy against Syria and President Bashar al-Assad I would like to point out that the title of the article is taken from the recommendations made by an Israeli general to the Herzliya Conference held by the Begin Sadat Institute in Tel Aviv almost two years ago …

I would also like to point out that the Italian channel’s failure to broadcast its last meeting with President Bashar Al-Assad was not a decision by the channel’s management, but by orders of high political references after Israeli pressure, and after reading the article you will know the reason for their terror from every word that Assad says ….

Now I will show you the most important dangerous information found in the book, which confirms that the plot against President Bashar al-Assad was planned years before the start of the plot in (2011) in the form of serial points :

  • Firstly: the Italian Minister of Defense, Mario Moro, visited Kurdsatn,Iraq in 2009 (two years before the start of the conspiracy against Syria), and saw a very large construction workshop for housing units. When he asked about the aim of it, they told him that it was a preparation  to receive Syrian refugees, who are expected to come because of any war that will take place in Syria …

  • Secondly, one of the most dangerous information revealed by the book is a very dangerous piece of information, which is that planning to topple President Bashar al-Assad began in (2001), when a political entity was created under the supervision of the CIA under the name Syria democracy program under the supervision of the Zionist “Dennis Ross”, a number of Syrian opposition figures have been recruited for the benefit of American intelligence and in cooperation with Turkey and Qatar, and this coordination has resulted in what is known as the opposition coalition and the Free Army, which the author reveals in detail how it originated from leaders of the brothers of the demons associated with the intelligence of America, Qatar and Turkey and under Supervision of “Adnan Al-Aroor” …..

  • Thirdly, the author singled out dozens of pages about the size of the Israeli-American hatred against President Bashar al-Assad personally. I will suffice to mention the most dangerous secret of his disclosure, which is that American intelligence was shocked when it conducted a secret poll about President Bashar al-Assad’s popularity after this mini-world war to reach a conclusion that his popularity among the Syrian people reaches 80% despite all the smear campaigns that cost them billions of dollars …

  • Fourthly … The writer exposes the biggest lie that Israel and America promoted that the Syrian regime is an Alawite regime, as it reveals documented and accurate information that Sunnis make up (80%) of the members of the government, parliament, the army, and state institutions …

  • Fifthly, the French ambassador the biggest lie that Israel and America promoted and the petrodollar media that the revolution was peaceful in the beginning and then turned to violence after the suppression of the regime. Here he talks about dozens of documented evidence, and I will suffice to mention the most important of them, the massacre of Jisr Al-Shughour in June at the beginning of the conspiracy when the Devils Brothers killed and massacred (120) Syrian officers and soldiers in cold blood and with all brutality and barbarism, as well as documenting dozens of armed attacks on the centers of the Syrian army from the early days of the plot.

 ( to be continued… ) 

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