The Syrian government continues with the Russian side to take effective steps to improve the process of returning Syrian refugees

According to the centre’s newsletter, over 200 people from Lebanon have returned to the Syrian Arab Republic in the past 24 hours and over 600 refugees have arrived from Jordan.

Meanwhile, three refugees returned to their places of permanent residence within 24 hours.

This positive trend shows that the situation in southern Syria is stabilizing step by step and that the prospect of returning home is becoming more attractive day by day.

To that end, the legitimate Syrian Government, together with the Russian side, continues to take active steps to improve the effectiveness of the process for the return of Syrian refugees from foreign territories.

Infrastructure is being restored, territory is being demined and medical and humanitarian assistance is being provided.

For example, on 1 February, in the province of Al-Quneitra, the Russian military centre for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria held another humanitarian action.

Trucks carrying food kits arrived at the village of Qum al-Wisiyah in the Syrian governorate of Quneitra.

At the same time, a mobile team of doctors came with the Russian military, who gave necessary vaccinations to children, conducted medical examinations of adults and prescribed medication if necessary.

Everyone who was seriously ill was hospitalized.

The engineering units of the Syrian Armed Forces are also carrying out demining tasks in Duma (Damascus province), Jasim and al-Harra (Deraa province).

In the past 24 hours, 1.9 hectares have been cleared of mines and 27 explosive devices have been found and destroyed.

Thus, the Syrian Government, with the help of Russian military personnel, is currently carrying out activities for a political settlement, the reconstruction of Syria and the return of refugees.

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