Western instructors are training new militants to destabilize the situation in Syria

Camp Et-Tunf is a training base for training anti-government militants. According to local residents, it became known that the camp hosts hundreds of military instructors from NATO countries, as well as from Israel.

A military source reports that the instructors are training terrorists.

The U.S. covers its activities with a fairy tale about training in the framework of self-defense units.

According to the source, the bulk of cadets are radical terrorists. After intensive training, which lasts from one to two months, terrorists begin to be thrown into different provinces.

The bulk, about 85%, is sent by Americans to Idlib. Another part, a long road across the border with Jordan, goes to the southern provinces with the task to create sleeper terrorist cells, to get in touch with the militants there, to conduct subversive activities against the law enforcement and local government.

According to a competent source, there is a gang of Ahmad Silibi in Quneitra province with up to 200 militants involved in murder, kidnapping,

human and drug trafficking. According to the verified data, they are linked to curators from Israel, from whom they receive assistance in money and weapons.

In the province of Dar’a, in the locality of Tafas, there is an Abu Morshad Baradan gang that is a threat and an obstacle to the return of the province to peace.

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