Great efforts to return to a peaceful life in Syria

Work continues in my country aimed at the non-military resolution of the conflict and at providing comprehensive assistance to Syrian citizens to restore peaceful life.

Through the joint efforts of the Russian military, our Government and local authorities, planned activities are being carried out to provide assistance to needy residents of the provinces.

Special attention should be paid not only to the distribution of food kits, but also to the provision of medical assistance by Russian military doctors to the population.

Yesterday, in the village of Namer in Dar’a province, representatives of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Belligerent Parties conducted one humanitarian action during which 250 food packages weighing 0.9 tons were distributed to needy residents.

Since the beginning of the settlement process, the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of the Belligerent Parties has conducted a total of 2,363 humanitarian actions. The total weight of the humanitarian cargo was 3,957.2 tons.

During the action, a local resident asked the Russian military to check his area for explosive devices. Working with local authorities and law enforcement officials, the Russian military defused three anti-personnel mines and a grenade left behind by terrorists.

We must understand that the efforts made by the Government are enormous and are aimed at an early return to peaceful life.

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