Facts from “A Storm on the Greater Middle East” Part – (2)

Byn: (Ihab M Althaher)

 We continue to recite the most important facts mentioned in the book (Storm on the Greater Middle East) by French Ambassador “Michel Rimbaud”

We continue to recite the most important facts mentioned in the book Storm on the Greater Middle East by French Ambassador Michel Rimbaud

  • Sixthly, the most important and dangerous thing in the ambassador’s book, despite that everything in it was important, was his disclosure of a secret document that exposes the cooperation of Erdogan, Qatar and Israel and the secret of their insistence and desires to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, a document titled (If the imperialist Islamic Alliance succeeds) which I will summarize it to you as talking about a common Turkish-Israeli goal, which is to topple Assad and then establish an Islamic Brotherhood, even a Salafi regime, to give up the Golan and the Iskenderun brigade, then relations with Tehran, Beijing and Moscow are totally frozen and severed with Hezbollah and Palestinian factions, the leaders of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) are expelled, and the waters of the Ataturk Dam are delivered to Israel via Syria.

  • Seventhly: The ambassador revealed amazing secrets about one of the most important causes of the conspiracy, in addition to the first reason, which is the position of President Bashar al-Assad in supporting the resistance in Palestine and Lebanon, that reason is the Israeli, Turkish and American ambitions of Syria’s natural resources and its geopolitical, geostrategic and geographic location, and frankly this issue is long and thorny and needs a separate article because of the seriousness of the information in it, but I will shorten it in the hope that I will soon publish a separate article about it …

The Washington Institute for Middle East Policy linked to the Jewish lobby (AIPAC) discovered that Syria possesses huge oil reserves in (2009) and the West’s “geostrategic” has confirmed that Syria has what is known as the “key site” so that Qatar, the Gulf states and Turkey need Syria to pass oil and gas To Europe and to Israel, where the parties of the plot on Syria assume that the young President Bashar al-Assad will not stand up to this global war and that after his fall the demons’ brotherhood will receive the rule of Syria, by that the biggest obstacle to recognition and normalization with Israel will be removed with the disappearance of President Assad and then the so-called (pipes of Peace)will pass from Turkey and the Gulf to Israel …

Of course, I cannot summarize a book consisting of hundreds of pages through an article, so there is a lot of information and secrets in this book that I could not pass on and I promise to cover it in later articles …..

In conclusion, did some ignorant and naive people know why we stood with Assad and Syria from the very first moment of the conspiracy against Syria despite all the attacks launched against us by the brothers of demons, ISIS, takfiris, did they know that the senseless war that we were subjected to is an Israeli-American, Arab Erdogan conspiracy?

And did you know why I harshly treat every ignorant and naive person who stands against Syria Assad, especially my excessive cruelty towards some ignorant Palestinians who stand against President Bashar al-Assad knowing that Syria is paying the price for its adherence to Palestine and support for its resistance ?

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