Ain Al Asad Secrets Come to the Surface… The Crucial Decision from Damascus! Part (2)

(Majeda Al Haj)

A dangerous American- Israeli movement proves their exceeding all the limits and the red lines especially after the 2020 “Israeli” intelligence department annual assessment report, which concluded that the probability of Hezbollah war against “Israel” is lessening in parallel with the events Lebanon is witnessing.

Most notable in the assessment was its elaboration on the point it called “Syria’s recovery and rebuilding of its military industries” so “it is very timely to act with extreme decisiveness with Syria”, under the same repeated title “for the Iranian existence there”.

This coincided with what Hebrew Newspaper “Yedioth Ahronoth” reported from an “Israeli senior security source”, as it referred to it; “After the assassination of Soleimani, it is now a real opportunity for Israel to give Syria a deadly blow” within an “Israeli” plan of a massive attack there! The American – Israeli couple has made clear its decision about “the post- Soleimani era”, however, Russia and the resistance axis have not yet! According to a report published by the Iranian newspaper “Jam e Jam”, the martyr Soleimani finished putting the five – years plans and tactics for the resistance axis, and it quoted one of the axis groups’ commander in Syria saying that the last day of Soleimani’s death was dedicated for very important and” fateful” meetings; starting from Syria, where he met for seven hours with the resistance movement leaders at his command post, to move then to Beirut to meet Hezbollah secretary general Hassan Nasrallah for a full hour before going back to Damascus and heading to his final destination to Baghdad.

Regarding the “Israeli” threats of severe intended attacks on Syria, along with implications of not excluding the possibility of decisions such as “the liquidation” of Hassan Nasrallah, Moscow addressed Tel Aviv with very clear messages, as revealed by some insider sources from “Tass” agency”, warning it from exaggerating in the ecstasy of victory after Soleimani assassination crime because his successor is yet more tough and furious against “Israel”.

The agency quoted what it termed as “senior Russian military figures” saying that Moscow warned “Israel” against the repercussions of playing with fire, advising it to avoid any provokes to Hezbollah because “its surprises would be unpredictable and off- limits” especially after verifying the “Israel’s” involvement in Soleimani’s assassination.

it also stressed that this information is extremely serious and obtained from Moscow’s friends in the region.

According to the same source, Moscow informed Tel Aviv that president Vladimir Putin, during his last visit to Damascus, heard some dangerous talks concerning Israel in the “post Soleimani era” by the resistance axis.

So, “Israel” should be very careful about any aggressive attacks on Syria and should not rely on any Russian influence on the unanimous decision taken by the whole axis across the region, and Syria in its heart.

It also called to pondering in a sentence given by Mr.

Hassan Nasrallah in Soleimani and Al Mohandes funeral: “We are at the threshold of a strategic victory across the region”,  or more importantly “ The world after Soleimani will not be the same” as put by Nasrallah who  gave the green light in the eulogy of  Soleimani and Al Mohandes to starting the avenge era, the first of which  might be blowing a shocking surprise to Washington ,that will in turn, lead to eliminating some high ranked figures at Donald Trump’s administration, as predicted by military data in Moscow.


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