Ain Al Asad Secrets Come to the Surface.. The Crucial Decision from Damascus! Part (1)

(Majeda Al Haj)

Alen alenor, the father of one of the soldiers in Ain Al Asad air base, said that there has not been any news about his son since the Iranian missile attack response on the base in the early morning of the eighth of the current month.

In a phone call with “Washington journal” TV show, he further said that nobody is answering his nonstopping phone calls to find out about the fate of his son.

More facts are coming to light about the ‘indescribable horrible missile night’ as briefed by Colonel Tim Garland who was at the military base then, identically described by a Danish army official.

A US (CNN) field report also supported this; showing, from the inside, the massive destruction Iranian missiles afflicted on the base.

All this before the US army admitting 11 injuries, 10 days after the strike, despite the US secretary of defense’s statement  “No causalities”, to be followed by trump’s late showing up in a brief speech which apparently exposed his confusion and playing out of tune.

The ‘New York Times’ US newspaper broke the total media blackout on the amount of casualties during the past period; “exclusively” unveiling the death of dozens of soldiers inside their bunkers.

This confirms  the authenticity of the Iranian TV news in the aftermath of the missile strikes which declared that the US death toll in Ain Al Asad reached 80 at least. In the meantime, some Iranian press information hinted that the Revolutionary Guard might later show “dangerous” footage in relation with the facts the Americans hid.

While statements are now being heard about US soldiers “mysteriously” killed in a US base in Germany once and in Afghanistan another, It seems that the damn of “US fatalities” will soon overspread on other countries, still with the US war department attempts of denying their death in “Ain Al Asad” base as a result of the Iranian missile attack. US reports started to successively uncover other facts related to “Israel” involvement in the assassination of brigadier(Qasem Soleimani) as a report by “Veterans Today” newspaper revealed, based on information by “senior Russian sources” as named by the former, that Israel fabricated some false information and  passed it to president Trump through creating a false radio broadcast containing malicious schemes against the United States; mainly Soleimani’s intention to target US embassies, which was later denied by the US secretary of defense.

Following that, “Walla” Hebrew website mentioned that the US ministry of defense tracked Soleimani’s location with the help of “Israeli” intelligence (Mossad).

In line with this, “The New York Times” then confirmed that Benjamin Netanyahu was the world’s only leader to know about the assassination while the (NBC)channel resolved the ”Israeli” intelligence (Mossad) involvement in the operation.

Since the assassination crime of the martyrs Soleimani and Al Mohandes, it appears clear the American-Israeli couple saw this operation as fatal blow to Iran and the resistance axis, which led them to threaten further assassinations that shall not spare Hezbollah secretary general Hasan Nasralla or the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad!

(To be continued)


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