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Right Before Our Eyes- part (22) – The Muslim Brotherhood “The First Setbacks of the Muslim Brotherhood”

Written by (Thierry Meyssan) We continue to publish Thierry Meyssan’s book  , ” Right Before Our Eyes ”     ( sous nos yeux ) … In a flagrant violation of the laws, Qatar bought from the Palestine Liberation Organization the rotating presidency of the Arab League for (400) million dollars, which enabled it to suspend the membership of the Syrian ...

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The Syrian Representative to Western Representatives in the UN : Who wants to be a Millionaire in the Chemical File ?

By : ( Naram Sargon ) In the corridors of the United Nations and its chemical and nuclear organizations, there are those officials and representatives who left all their duties to devote themselves for digging for any Syrian fault so much so that they came to have no business but to search in the papers and between the lines for ...

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The Americans are waging a hybrid war against Syria

The Americans are waging a hybrid war against Syria. After a little analysis, I have gathered a lot of such facts. Hybrid warfare is an alliance of subversive and terrorist acts and psychological operations. The Americans, by creating conditions in the Ar Rouknan camp, recruit recruits there, turning them into professional terrorists and assassins. Americans regularly drop terrorist groups across ...

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