The Americans are waging a hybrid war against Syria

The Americans are waging a hybrid war against Syria. After a little analysis, I have gathered a lot of such facts.

Hybrid warfare is an alliance of subversive and terrorist acts and psychological operations.

The Americans, by creating conditions in the Ar Rouknan camp, recruit recruits there, turning them into professional terrorists and assassins.

Americans regularly drop terrorist groups across the Jordanian border into the southern provinces to divert government forces from Idlib.

The Americans are working with Israel against Iranian forces, thereby depriving us of support for our offensive operations.

The Americans are active in anti-Syrian propaganda in the Western media.

And that’s just a small part of the evil they’re pointing at us.

I will consider the recent events of February 12, 2020, when the U.S. military opened fire on a group of local residents who blocked the path of a military convoy near the town of Kamyshly in north-eastern Syria.

According to the international coalition, the U.S. servicemen acted in self-defense, but there is some undeniable evidence pointing to a pre-planned operation to discredit the actions of the Syrian government troops and Russian armed forces, which had to intervene to end the conflict.

Let us draw attention to the following facts :

– The main task of the American convoy is to patrol the route. Earlier on this route the Americans repeatedly created obstacles to the movement of the Russian military, provoking them to the conflict.

– On February 12, the Americans, moving along the usual route, make a stop, and from that moment on video and photo shooting of what is happening begins. The video shows an American serviceman taking a series of photos from a place where Russian equipment and residents who move from it to the Americans get into the picture. After that, she and the guard return to the American armored personnel carrier.

– The Americans behave unusually calmly, not responding to screams and actions from the residents. They opened fire without getting caught in the cameraman’s video frame.

By analyzing photos and videos, eyewitness comments and information sources from the military department, one can draw such conclusions:

– The Americans are interested in escalating and destabilizing the situation in the area, which will justify their presence.

– Americans are professionals in conducting psychological operations, and provocation is one of the methods.

– The task of the Americans was to provoke the Russians to take active action against them and shoot this in a photo and video. Then to use it with appropriate comments in the Western media. Why, then, in a simple patrolling photographer? Judging by the presence of the camera, the position of the photographer himself (professionally chosen position), the created situation and atypical “calm” behavior of the Americans, there was planned a provocation against the Russian military or Syrian government forces.

– In the course of their actions, something went wrong and they had to run away from the angry crowd of civilians, who were calmed by the Russian military.

– As part of a group of U.S. forces in Syria, there is a unit from the 4th group of psychological operations of the U.S. Armed Forces, perhaps it is the military of the 8th Regional PSYOP Battalions or 9th Tactical PSYOP Battalion. They have female soldiers and Arab interpreters on their staff (as seen in the video).

 The events of February 12 are one of the facts supporting the information war against Syria.



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