The Syrian Representative to Western Representatives in the UN : Who wants to be a Millionaire in the Chemical File ?

By : ( Naram Sargon )

In the corridors of the United Nations and its chemical and nuclear organizations, there are those officials and representatives who left all their duties to devote themselves for digging for any Syrian fault so much so that they came to have no business but to search in the papers and between the lines for Syrian gaps and faults that would entitle them to open the beloved file to the hearts of Western countries, the eternal file and the precious treasure, namely the chemical weapons file.

It is a file that has become a source of sarcasm and ridicule, because detergent companies around the world can now very confidently say that each and every house on Earth has been bombed by the Syrian chemical weapons, simply because the amount of chemicals found so far in Syrian chemical strikes is the same found in detergent chemicals in every kitchen on Earth.

Actually, we can fairly enough say that all what was found by the international inspectors in all the Syrian regions that were allegedly bombed chemically is not even enough to clean a bowl of broth in a little kitchenette.

However, those people continue to search this file, soaking, boiling, squeeze and baking it, all in vain, although they know well that all the real chemical weapons were delivered according to an agreement and pact between the United Nations and the Syrian government which is the one to uphold covenants and agreements if any.

As the inspectors roam around, dig up the soil, and smell it in Syria in the hope of inhaling a particle of chemical dust, they walk around the Israeli nuclear reactors and the depots of chemical and biological weapons spread wider than the grain silos and food stores, yet, they see nothing in Israel and smell no particle of dust or nerve gas in it.

They rather smell them as tear gas, or maybe air freshener.

It is said that the Syrian representative felt that the Western countries representatives are confused where to go, and that next time,  in order to help them find solution for the dilemma, he will write for them Who-Wants-to-Be-a-Millionaire-style options for a question he will ask to them which is : (if the Syrian chemical weapons which have been transported on Belgian and Danish ships have been destroyed on American ships, and all reports confirmed that no chemical weapons are Syria, how will the Occident prove that Syria possess a chemical arsenal ?

1) White Helmets.

2) The testimonies of Al-Jazeera, Faisal Al-Qassem, Al-Qaradawi, Al-Qaeda, Zuhair Al-Siddiq, and the “Courant du Futur”.

3) Mossad and Turkish Intelligence.

4) Tony Blair and George Bush who are well-known for their integrity in relation to chemical files and WMDs and who have long experience in monitoring.

The competitor may ‘phone a friend’ like (Mahmoud ElBaradei) or’ ask the audience’ like the (Muslim Brotherhood) audience, because the work style of the United Nations and its organizations is similar to the program of Who Wants to be Millionaire, but as an (Anglo-Saxon and Zionist) version that is tailored on the size of Israel, and has nothing to give to the free and independent countries but condemnation.

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