Right Before Our Eyes- part (22) – The Muslim Brotherhood “The First Setbacks of the Muslim Brotherhood”

Written by (Thierry Meyssan)

We continue to publish Thierry Meyssan’s book  , ” Right Before Our Eyes ”     ( sous nos yeux )

In a flagrant violation of the laws, Qatar bought from the Palestine Liberation Organization the rotating presidency of the Arab League for (400) million dollars, which enabled it to suspend the membership of the Syrian Arab Republic, despite the fact that Syria is one of the founding members of the organization.

Then it made a proposal to send a monitoring mission to Syria led by Sudan (which is still ruled by the Brotherhood).

Sudan appointed the Head of Intelligence and the former Ambassador to Qatar, Lieutenant-General “Mohamed Ahmed Mustafa Al-Dabi”, to lead the mission, which is composed of members representing all Arab countries and from all directions. The Syrian Arab Republic agreed to receive the Arab League delegation, and to allow members of its mission to roam all over the country.

It was the first and only time that a pluralist body wandered on the ground, meeting all players, and roaming the entire country. Indeed, this mission has been the only reliable external source during all years of conflict.

The appointment of the Dabi team was unanimously welcomed by all parties.

The man led the separation negotiations between Sudan and South Sudan, and he was nominated by many Arab countries for the Nobel Peace Prize.

However, from reading the initial reports, it seemed that this Sudanese had no intention of sending detailed reports on request, but rather leading a de facto plural monitoring mission.

This caused the international media to suddenly change its tone and accuse it of genocide in Darfur.

All those who agreed to his appointment began to demand his resignation.

But the Dabi team held up. He published his interim report certifying that there is no revolution in Syria.

The mission led by him also confirmed that the violence has been largely overestimated, that the army has already withdrawn from the cities, that there are no repression and that the victims are mostly army and police soldiers, and more than (5,000) prisoners whose names have been given to the authorities, They were released, and that the foreign media that applied to accompany the commission, were able to cover the events.

Qatar, which sensed the danger from this report, paid $ 2 billion to Sudan to call up General Al-Dabi.

He accepted, but required that the university shall not appoint a successor to him. The mission remained without a president, until it was dissolved in early (2012).

The Muslim Brotherhood became enraged by seeing the Syrian Arab Republic recovering, so they immediately decided to establish an Islamic emirate.

They made several attempts, then decided to be based in a new area of ​​Homs, (Bab Amro), where tunnels had been dug and prepared in advance, to ensure supplies arrived in the event of a blockade imposed on the area.

Three thousand fighters were thrown there, including two thousand takfiri Syrians, who are members of a subgroup of the Muslim Brotherhood, “Takfir and Hijra”, which was established under Sadat.

They immediately established the Revolutionary Court, which tried and sentenced more than 150 citizens to be slaughtered in front of people.

Residents panicked and fled with the exception of forty families.

( to be continued… )

  • Source : ( voltairenet.org ) 

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