The Syrian security services, in cooperation with the Russian military police, raided a weapons store belonging to terrorists in the city of Douma

Despite the fact that the territory of the southern provinces has been completely cleared of militants of international terrorist organizations, the Syrian security forces, with the assistance of Russian military experts, are identifying traces of their activities.

On 16 February, Russian military police officers, in cooperation with the Damascus security agencies, received information from a local resident who is providing voluntary assistance on the location of a housing scheme located on the ground floor of a non-residential, two-storey building in northern Duma.

The weapons and ammunition in question allegedly belonged to members of the Jaysh-Al-Islam organization. During an inspection on the ground floor of a non-residential, destroyed two-storey building, a cockpit of ammunition was found, which included a rocket launcher, a container for transporting a tactical missile, a 120 mm mortar shell, a 40 mm shot for a

foreign-made automatic grenade launcher, as well as improvised explosive devices made from gas bottles.

The total mass of the detected TNT equivalent ammunition was over 65 kg.

The discovered ammunition was handed over in accordance with the established procedure to representatives of the ATS Armed Forces’ engineering and rescue service and was subsequently destroyed.


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