Even Walls are Smart – it is no longer useful to tell someone a “stupid” wall

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed smart wallpaper that improves the strength of WiFi signal at houses and institutions tenfold and double its capacity.

It can also be connected onto specific household devices. The researchers found a way to create a surface that can reflect and enhance wireless signals according to the Daily Mail.

This could allow for tiny sensors to detect indoor pollution levels, smaller smart speakers or even ‘biomedical devices’ inside the human body, according to the study’s authors.

It doesn’t require power or wiring as it simply ‘reflects’ the signal being put out by other devices.

 By using the ‘smart wallpaper’ a device can act as a ‘control’, sending a lower-powered signal at the wall, which then reflects and scatters it out where needed.

The issue with ever-smaller smart technology is that smaller devices have smaller wireless antennas that struggle to maintain a good signal; therefore the research team developed this smart surface which they call )R FOCUS( which can be installed on the backyard of the house or the office.

The antenna could solve the problem of installing signal boosters throughout a home or office to improve wireless signals.

The MIT researchers added that at scale each of the antennas would cost just a few pence to make and install.

The technology uses software to control thousands of tiny wireless antennas built into the smart surface.

‘Smart wallpaper’ that can boost WiFi signal by adding 300 wireless antennas which boosted the signal up to ten times.

This technology (R FOCUS) is cost effective as it does not process the signal however it depends on the reflection of the signal.

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