Right Before Our Eyes- part (23) – The Muslim Brotherhood “The First Setbacks of the Muslim Brotherhood”

Written by ( Thierry Meyssan )

We continue to publish Thierry Meyssan’s book, “Right Before Our Eyes” (sous nos yeux)…

Takfiris in the neighborhood (Bab Amro) erected barriers provided by the French forces for heavy weapons, on all roads leading to the neighborhood.

In the first year, the terrorist campaign paved the way to site warfare, according to the plan presented in 2004 on “brutality management”.

NATO has been providing the Islamists with more sophisticated weapons than the Syrian army, which has been under siege since 2005. One morning, the Syrian Arab Army entered the neighborhood of Bab Amro, after breaking its defenses.

The French journalists and a number of leaders fled away, and a few days later they appeared in Lebanon. While the Takfirists surrendered to the army.

And it seemed that the war that had begun started was about to end, as was the case in Lebanon in (2007), when the Lebanese army defeated Fatah al-Islam. But the Islamists did not end it.

There was a new process being prepared in Jordan, under the command of NATO, that is destined to launch an attack on Damascus in the context of a massive psychological operation.

But it was canceled at the last minute. The Islamists, who were abandoned by France in (Bab Amro), were also written off by the United States, So a peace promise was signed in Geneva, on June 30 (2012).

The end of the “Arab Spring” in Egypt : the new people’s assembly in Egypt became in the hands of the Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood believed that the new constitution – which was written to allow them to win – was only a repetition of an old text that was slightly modified, despite having obtained (77%) of the voters’ votes. They appointed a constituent assembly of (100) members, (60) of them this time, from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Once Washington forced President Mubarak to resign, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi returned from Qatar to his country on a private plane.

As director of the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies, chaired by Prince Charles, and a spiritual advisor to Al Jazeera’s channel, he was a frequent guest on the weekly “Sharia and Life” program In Tahrir Square, he declared his rejection of democracy and demanded the execution of homosexuals.

The Brothers stressed that young Democrats can question the military’s authority. Their campaign for the presidential elections was an opportunity to call for the revival of the country through the Noble Qur’an.

Youssef Al-Qaradawi considered that fighting homosexuals and restoring faith was more important than fighting against Israel and making it recognize the rights of the Palestinian people.

While abstaining from voting was huge in the Sunni street, the brothers prevented the holding of elections in Christian towns and villages, which prevented (600) thousand voters from voting.

However, the results of opinion polls gave Major General Ahmed Shafiq, the former prime minister under Mubarak, a slight margin of (30) thousand votes.

At that time, the Brotherhood threatened the members of the Election Commission and their families, until it complied after (13) days, and announced the victory of the two brothers, “Mohamed Morsi”.

The “international community” turned a blind eye to what happened and praised the democratic nature of the elections.

( to be continued… )

  • Source : ( voltairenet.org )

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