Daily Archives: Thursday February 20th, 2020

Work is the Oxygen of the Heart and the Spirit of Civilization

A proverb about work used in Syrian cities and villages for the great importance work enjoys in the lives of Syrians. There are plenty of proverbs about work, professions, and craftsmanship known in the Syrians’ life, as they have always told: “craftsmanship is a savior from poverty”, “craftsmanship is a bracelet of gold” and “Learn your father’s crafts and nothing ...

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Inventing the Fastest Object in the Universe

Scientists at the American University of Bordeaux have invented the fastest object in the universe, which is designed to measure the frictional force that arises from quantum fluctuations. Science Alert Magazine reports that this object is constituted of atoms of silica nanoparticles (silicon dioxide), in the shape of dumbbells flying in the vacuum, of a (150) nanometers diameter and around ...

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Reconstructing civil aviation links between Damascus and Aleppo

The successful actions of the Syrian Government forces, with the assistance of Russian aviation on the fronts of the governorates of Idlib and Aleppo, are helping to restore civilian infrastructure in the liberated territories as soon as possible. Traffic on the M4 highway between Aleppo and Damascus has been fully restored. And today Aleppo International Airport has already received the ...

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