Life-Changing Laws

Invaluable golden words of wisdom by Dr. Ibrahim Al – Fiqi :

There are 12 laws in psychology which if you could understand and start to apply, your life will ever change.

1- “Law of Peace of Mind”: stepping out of the mess is priceless.
2- Law of mental intelligence: you can bring anyone back to know their place by ignoring them.

3- The law of letting go: you don’t lose everything you let go of… some losses are new gains.

4- The law of self-development: Find yourself a place in the top… the bottom is  too crowded.

5- The law of self-assertion: refresh your rules and style from time to time… to be marked and  distinctive to everyone.

6- The law of excellence: to have a creative style while totally relaxed …that everybody tries to be like you.

7- The law of challenge“:  to create a position among the greats and be recognized.

8- The law of time management: be a ship sailing the sea of time with the oars of learning and knowledge.

9- The law of goals: life without a goal is a body without a soul, both of them are worthless.

10- The law of consciousness: if you are not aware of your faults, you will never get them right.

11- The law of learning: no pain no gain.

12- The law of change: stagnation is death.

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