This is how the American mind works

( By: Mousa Abbas )

This is the true face of the policies of the American administration, earlier, present and later.

Publicly and blatantly, Donald Trump said:” We are a sample of a new world order ruled by money and the media, a world in which there is no place for God or for human values “.

I do not care if the wrestler dies, a;; I care about is that the wrestler that I bet on will win, and yet the global system brought me to the presidency.

I run institutions for gambling, and today I am the president of the most powerful country, so moral standards are no longer governing the world and human entities  are today’s  interests.

You should expect  the death of  tens of millions around the world, and we as a global system are not sorry about this, because today we no longer have feelings.

We will kill many Arabs and Muslims, take their money, occupy their lands, and seize their wealth. What we do to Arabs and Muslims is much less than what the Arabs and Muslims do to themselves.

There is a huge rumor in the Arab world that America pays billions of dollars to Israel and this is a lie, because the one who pays Israel billions of dollars are the Arabs who  give money to America which in turn gives it to Israel, Arabs are also stupid because they are fighting sectarianly, even though their language is the same and the majority of them are from the same religion.

So logic justifies their non-existence or existence, so you hear me always say that they have to pay.

Our struggle with Iran is not because Iran assaulted us, but we are the ones who are  trying to destroy it and overthrow its regime, and this matter we did with many countries and systems, as for the strongest to prevail  in the world; he has to weaken everyone else.

I admit that in the past we used to overthrow regimes, destroy countries, and kill people under the name of democracy, because our concern was to prove to everyone that we are the world’s police, but today there is no reason to hide behind our finger, because I say before you that America has turned from police to company, and companies sell and buy and always at the side of  those who pay more, for companies to build they always have to destroy, and there is no place better for demolishing than the Arab world.

For example, what Saudi Arabia spent in its war on Yemen is nearly the same as what America spent in the Desert Storm war ,and what Saudi Arabia achieved in the end? it said it needs our protection, at a time when it was paying a million dollars for a missile to destroy a site or a car which price does not exceed a few thousand dollars.

I don’t care who dies and who kills in that region, and this applies to everyone, because I will continue with the project to control Arab oil, as this control helps us in the complete control of Europe, China and Japan.

There are no free people in the region, we will not allow the awakening of these peoples, nor will we allow any party to stand in the way of our control, so we put Iran in front of two options : either war or surrender, and we imposed sanctions that would lead us to a war in which no one would win in the region, rather, the only winner will be the new world order, and for this order to prevail, we will use everything we have reached and at all military levels”.

Oh you Arabs! Are you aware of this statement! ?.

Where are you, the owners of American democracy, from the opposition supported by America and the colonial West ? …


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