Beware of Germany

By : (Thierry Meyssan)

According to the plan put by (Volker Peretz) in (2013), Germany is preparing to fill the void that American soldiers will leave in the broader Middle East, which is impatient after being deprived for seventy-five years of playing any role on the international stage.

For her, it is a matter of national honor. From now on, it intends to use its army to “bring peace” anywhere in the world. It first hoped to enter victorious Damascus alongside what it calls the brave “democrats” in Idlib.

But alas! It became clear to them that they were nothing but extremist jihadists! Then it was hopeful that it would replace American soldiers in northeastern Syria after Donald Trump announced for the second time the withdrawal of his country’s forces from there.

But, unfortunately for it again, Trump has reversed his decision, and heeded the Pentagon’s will. it insisted on its position to the point of interfering during the Turkish operation against the PKK and the YPG, despite the huge numbers of Turkish and Kurdish immigrants on its soil.

Germany envisioned at that time covering its actions behind a humanitarian pretext by proposing a draft resolution in the Security Council, which sparked a “veto” of double indignation for both Russia and China.

That is why, in October (2019), it sent experts to test the pulse of each of the Egyptian President  Abdel Fattah  Al-Sisi and the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh “Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani”.

And ended up in Libya to organize on 19th of January (2020), the Berlin Conference. Here too, its attempt was just a sword blow in the water.

The two main competitors, (Fayez al-Sarraj) and (Khalifa Haftar), did not exchange words between them. However, Chancellor Merkel has received unanimous support from her country’s ruling class “to invest in peace”.

The closing statement was issued to embody this “imaginary” vision of a cease-fire that no one wants and which the German army wishes to impose.

It was not easy to understand the complexities of the expanded Middle East after seventy-five years of absence from it, not only for them, but also at the international level. Germany may, however, find a new opportunity through its permanent military ally, Turkey.

But its battle is still unresolved: the European Union is late to pay (2.6) billion Euros for Turkey, according to the immigration pact signed between them, as recently revealed by the Turkish Foreign Minister, “Mouloudoglu”.

Moreover, Berlin and Ankara have not stopped exchanging accusations since the failed coup attempt of 2016 and the arrest of the Turkish authorities for about half a million people after that, but there are many historical ties, sweet and bitter, between the two countries (Rudolf Hoss participated in the genocide of non-Muslims that Committed by the young Turks, then years later he became the director of the Auschwitz extermination camp, before being sentenced to death by the Nuremberg Court).

The German Federal Republic also welcomed the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood following their failed coup attempt in Hama in 1982, and established a special office for them in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the beginning of the current war against Syria.

For all these reasons, Chancellor Angela Merkel went to Istanbul to inaugurate a new German-Turkish campus.

Once again, she confirmed from there that her country wanted to “help” the region, and  offered, for example, the construction of ten thousand housing units for people coming from Idlib.

The question is, will these apartments be provided to civilians or to jihadists?


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