Bomb squad clears the outskirts of Aleppo of mines and landmines

After the liberation of the area from militants, painstaking rubble removal and mine clearance work continues. Bomb squaders pass through the outskirts of Aleppo daily.

The village of Zahra is being cleared of mines left behind by terrorists. The main task is to secure all roads leading to the settlement and, finally, to open them to traffic.

So far, the military has found dozens of mines and landmines in just a day.

The terrorists were leaving the settlement at the same time as they were fighting and in great panic. Ammunition has been abandoned as necessary.

But they set traps somewhere. Especially in the dungeons.

Every day, a Syrian bomb squad detonates several hundred kilos of explosives.

If the shells and mines aren’t homemade, they’re almost always foreign-marked.

American grenade launchers, Turkish anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, hand grenades. They put it all in piles and turn it into dust.

They move three hundred and four hundred meters a day along the streets. Bulldozers follow the engineers to clear the rubble.

Thanks to the efforts of government forces, in cooperation with the local people in the liberated territories, social infrastructure is quickly restored and peaceful life is returning.

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